Paris Fithian is an illustrator and fine artist currently based in her home state of Indiana.  She works digitally and traditionally, using media like oil paint and charcoal.  Fithian predominantly illustrates the figure and often herself to depict single moments of larger narratives with each piece depicting the climax or falling action of its own short story.  Inspired by creative writing, the supernatural, and suspenseful media, much of her subject matter explores the humanity of action, autonomy, and expression during moments of introspection and decision-making.  She strives to depict what the protagonist of the piece is truly made of through unique representations of human potential, both good and evil. 
Fithian is currently incorporating inspiration from her experience growing up in the eccentric southern region of Indiana in her work.
B.S in Art – Illustration emphasis 
University of Southern Indiana 
A.S. in Graphic Design 
Vincennes University